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The full rundown on how to catch stocked trout

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  • A full guide on how to catch stocked trout 🐟

  • A rare (and ugly) deep sea fish mysteriously washed up on the shore in Oregon 🤢

  • Multiple videos of trout being shot out of trucks and planes 🚚

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Fish Your A** Off For Stocked Trout

Fishing in Spring for stocked trout is as good as it gets. The weather is crisp (hopefully not too much rain) and the fish are plentiful. For many, catching a stocked trout is their first foray into fishing.

A rainbow trout.

What In The World Is A Stocked Trout?

  • A stocked trout is a fish that has been bred and raised in a hatchery and then released into lakes, rivers, or streams to supplement the natural fish population. In the video below you’ll see that some trout are stocked via plane ✈️.

  • This practice is often used to enhance recreational fishing opportunities, support fish populations in areas where natural reproduction is insufficient, and manage ecosystem balance.

  • Stocked trout are typically introduced into waters that are accessible to anglers, ensuring that there are sufficient numbers of fish to catch, especially in areas where fishing pressure is high or natural fish populations are low.

Rod and Reel Selection

For stocker trout, use an ultralight spinning rod with a soft tip and fast action. A 6’ to 7’ rod is ideal, though shorter rods work too. Affordable options like sub $30 Walmart rods are more than sufficient. Pair the rod with a 1000-2500 series spinning reel. Remember, the goal is to have fun, not break the bank.

Terminal Tackle

The Carolina rig is a reliable setup. Use 4-6 pound monofilament for the mainline. Start with a sliding egg or bullet sinker (¼ to ½ ounce) for casting and stability. Add a bead and a snap-swivel to prevent line twist. For the leader line, use 2-4 pound clear monofilament or fluorocarbon. Attach the leader to the swivel with a clinch knot or a perfection loop knot for quick changes. Prepare multiple leaders of varying lengths for versatility. Use size size 16-18 treble hooks for Powerbait dough.

Fishing Area

Identify effective fishing spots by observing the topography. Fish near the launch site shortly after stocking, then move to areas with steep drop-offs. Avoid shallow bays. Adjust leader length to keep the bait above vegetation.

Bait Choice

Powerbait is highly effective due to its similarity to hatchery feed. Start with bright colors like pink, orange, and chartreuse. Rainbow is a favorite dough color. Enhance bait with scents like garlic and shrimp. Garlic, in particular, triggers strong bites.

Pro Tip - If the fish are not biting, we have had a tons of luck with fishing Trout Magnets 3’ - 4’ under a bobber. Cast this set up out and twitch the bobber every 15 seconds or so. When the Powerbait fisherman are getting skunked, this setup tends to kill.


  • Stocked Trout are hatchery-raised fish released into public waters to boost fishing opportunities and support low natural trout populations.

  • Gear Essentials: Use a 6' to 7' ultralight spinning rod, 1000-2500 series reel, Carolina rig with 4-6 pound monofilament, and small hooks (size 16-18 for Powerbait).

  • Fishing Tips: Fish near stocking points or steep drop-offs. Use brightly colored Powerbait with scents like garlic. Try Trout Magnets 3’-4’ under a bobber for stubborn fish.


  • A straight up no BS video on how to tie a Carolina Rig.

  • Here’s another video of stocked rainbow trout getting shot out like hotdogs into a lake.

  • One of the ugliest fish we have ever seen washed up on a beach in Oregon. It’s known as a Pacific Football Fish and is normally 2000 - 3300 feet deep.

  • Many states are offering free fishing days this time of the year, so check with your local fish and wildlife department for more info. Alabama has free fishing on June 8 and Missouri has free fishing on June 8 and 9, for example.


Every week I generate fishing related AI images. See the coolness below:

A trout eating a giant ball of Powerbait.

A cat trying to catch a perch in a pond.

A shark swimming below a kayak fisherman.


🐟 A super simple pan-fried trout recipe. Perfect for Springtime.

🔪 A great resource that details three ways to fillet a large trout.

🦞 Looking to buy fresh seafood and shellfish online? We came across this website Citarella. The variety looks great, and although it’s $$$, we may give it a try.

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