🎣 Moon = Fish Catching Machine: Tides and Currents for Fishing

How you can harness nature to catch more fish

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  • How to use the moon to catch more fish 🌑

  • In Illinois there is a fishing tournament for Rednecks catching flying carp 🤠

  • How to avoid food poisoning from BAD oysters 🐚

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Moon = Fish Catching Machine: Tides and Currents for Fishing

Understanding Tides for Successful Fishing

Tides are the rhythmic rise and fall of ocean water levels caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun. For anglers, these tidal movements are invaluable indicators of when and where to find active fish. Here's how you can use tides to your advantage:

  1. Timing is Everything: Consult tide charts or apps to determine the high and low tide times in your fishing area. BoatU.S. has a wonderful app for tracking boating weather and tides information. While both high and low tides offer fishing opportunities, many anglers prefer the incoming tide. During this phase, rising water brings in nutrients and baitfish, attracting larger predatory fish closer to shore or into estuaries.

  2. Explore Transition Zones: The change from high to low tide (or vice versa) is known as the tide change and can trigger increased fish activity. Focus your efforts around transition zones such as channels, points, or flats, where fish gather to capitalize on the influx of food brought in by the shifting tides.

  3. Adapt to Conditions: Tidal movements vary depending on factors like location, moon phase, and weather. Keep a log of your fishing trips to identify patterns and adjust your strategies accordingly. Experiment with fishing during different stages of the tide to determine what works best in your area.

Navigating Currents for Fishing Success

Currents are the continuous flow of water in a particular direction, influenced by various factors including tides, wind, and geography. In other words, tides are the rising and falling of water, while currents are the side to side movement of water. Understanding currents can help you locate productive fishing spots and present your bait or lures effectively:

  1. Follow the Flow: Fish are often found where the current carries food, oxygen, and other resources. Look for areas where currents converge, such as river mouths, points, or underwater structures, as these can create eddies and pockets of slower-moving water where fish gather to feed.

  2. Drift Fishing: Utilize the natural drift of the current to cover a larger area and present your bait or lures to fish holding in different parts of the water column. Adjust your drift speed and direction to target specific areas or species, and be prepared to reel in a variety of catches as you go with the flow.

  3. Safety First: When fishing in strong currents, prioritize safety by wearing a life jacket and using appropriate anchoring or drifting techniques to maintain control of your boat or kayak. Be aware of potential hazards such as submerged rocks or changing water depths, and always respect the power of nature's currents.

Whether you're casting lines from shore or navigating the open waters, harnessing these natural forces can lead to memorable catches and unforgettable experiences on the water.


  • The vote is out now for the best fishing lodge in the United States. From Alaska, to Tennessee, to Montana, these are bonafide bucket list items.

  • We just discovered the Redneck Fishing Tournament in Bath, Illinois. No rods and reels are needed as the target fish are silver carp which are known to jump right onto boats. The tournament organizer, Nikki Gregerson, describes it as “ugly fish, cold beer, good causes and great times”.

  • The Southwest Michigan Steelheaders host an annual event, “Trolling with the Troops”, where they are expected to take 100 veterans on a Lake Michigan fishing trip in June. What an awesome way to use fishing as a way to connect with the veteran community.

  • A quick YouTube overview of how the moon and tides can affect bite times for Snapper, Trevally, and Kingfish.


Every week I generate fishing related AI images. See the coolness below:

“Mahi mahi swimming under an oil rig in the ocean.”

“An overweight man getting hit in the head by a flying silver carp.”

“A trout swimming in the Yellowstone River.”


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🔪 Believe it or not, sting rays are edible. As pay back for Steve Irwin, you can watch this tutorial on how to fillet sting ray steaks.

🐚 Before you get certified food poisoning, be sure you know how to tell if an oyster is BAD.

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